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Taylor Seville Magic Pins - Applique PIns

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Taylor Seville Magic Pins - Applique Pins

The patented Comfort Grip silicone handle with ridges is easy to use, reduces hand fatigue over prolonged periods of pinning and is heat resistant so you can iron over the pins without the fear of melting. They have a super sharp point and offer a choice of different shaft thicknesses to suit a number of different tasks or personal preferences. The handles on these pins make them easier to use so they are excellent for people with arthritis, and they are also much easier to spot than standard pins.

The pin heads are coded in fun colours based on their functionality and the pins come in a study storage box so they are easy to identify and organise.

Taylor Seville Magic Applique Pins™ are perfect for pinning small pieces of fabric for your applique projects. These pins are just the right length to hold applique pieces in place and not get in the way, and their bright yellow heads make them easy to find if you drop one! Available in 2 thicknesses; Fine (0.5mm) and Extra Fine (0.4mm).

Enhance your pinning and needle crafting experience with Taylor Seville Magic Pins!